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I’m sure today you are interested in Streaming Media Players product, so that you tend to be within the suitable web site. Today you might be examining CXN v2 Network Streamer in Silver publish. And also I’m hoping you will discover worthwhile information with below prior to buy Streaming Media Players merchandise. At this time I wish to talk about CXN v2 Network Streamer in Silver. Minor information this CXN v2 Network Streamer in Silver merchandise is made through Cambridge Audio business.

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Ultimate digital convenience and quality. CXN (V2) further refines the seamless digital music experience that made the original a What Hi-Fi? award winner, three years running. A faster processor opens up new possibilities, giving you a richer internet radio experience and a greater level of playback control. At Cambridge Audio, we strive to keep moving forward. That’s why, despite winning What Hi-Fi?’s ‘Best Streamer’ category three years running, we’re still working to improve the best sounding network player around. The new CXN (V2)’s increased processing power refines your digital music experience, making it a joy to use and opening up new listening opportunities. Almost 50 years of hi-fi expertise goes into every single one of our products to ensure they sound spot on – the CXN (V2) is no different. Your music is passed through our unique ATF2 upsampling technology (read more on this wizardry here) and then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs (premium digital to analogue converters). All audio is upscaled to a hi-res 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation. Every song has even more acute detail and warm depth, so you’ll be able to enjoy musical nuances that you’ve never heard before in songs that you’ve heard a thousand times. Our engineers spent hours tuning the CXN (V2) the old school way, by ear, which we believe is the only way to achieve a sound quality that genuinely moves you. We wanted to design a product that allows you to play any song in the world from any device. The CXN (V2) will play almost anything you want. Thanks to its huge processing power and slick functionality from our award winning StreamMagic platform, it doesn’t make a fuss of it or skip a single beat, it just plays your music instantly. CXN (V2) introduces mpeg-DASH and HLS compatibility out of the box, which allows for higher quality, more consistent live streams, creating an intimate internet radio experience.

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